Abrahamsen V2.0 UP Integrated Amplifier Review, HiFi Wigam UK

"It’s a downright steal! I would be happy to recommend it against amplifiers costing twice the price – it is that good!"

LIONEL PAYNE ON 11/08/2015


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High-end audio production is part of our heritage. Our 40 years of experience and know-how provide invaluable benefits for our production facility as well as in our close co-operation with our global suppliers. We have chosen to work with only a few suppliers that share our commitment to high quality. This way we are in control of the entire production process ensuring the highest quality every step of the way.


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welcome to our service department. Here you can find service information about our products and service locations. We also offer several upgrade options for products from Abrahamsen audio and Electrocompaniet.

Upgrades Abrahamsen Audio

Upgrade your V series product to V series UP. When upgrading your Abrahamsen product, you will notice a deeper, tighter bass, bigger "soundstage" and more air and details in the higher frequency area.

The tonality of your Abrahamsen products will not be changed with these upgrades.
The upgrades are very noticeable.

    Upgrade consists of
  • New improved display (light blue background with dark blue lettering, significantly better readability)
  • New remote control receiver. (significantly better reception)
  • Doubling of electrolytes in power supply. (Noticeable sonic improvement) V2.0 / V4.0
  • Changing the emitter resistor card for higher class A operation and greater linjeritet. V2.0 / V4.0
  • New CD front tray. (brushed aluminum)
  • Improved software.
  • New "Upgrade" sign on the top lid.
  • V1.0 1500.-
  • V2.0 2500.-
  • V3.0 1200.-
  • V4.0 2500.-

Upgrades Electrocompaniet

With over 30 years experience with Electrocompaniet, no one knows your product like us.
When upgrading your Electrocompaniet product, you will notice a deeper, tighter bass, bigger "soundstage" and more air and details in the higher frequency area.

The tonality of your Electrocompaniet products will not be changed with these upgrades.

    Upgrade consists of
  • High speed rectifier diodes. Faster/ better transients.
  • New output transistors. More linear lower distortion. (Power and Integrated amplifier)
  • NEMO par 11.995,-
  • AW250 7.000,-
  • AW180 par 7.000,-
  • AW120,100 3.800,-
  • AW220,60 2.800,-
  • ECI1 3.800,-
  • ECI2, 3, 4 2.800,-
  • EMC1UP 1.500,-
  • EC4.5, 4.6, 4.7 1.500,-
  • EMC1 without UPCC 1.500,-

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About Us

This is what we are.

In 1972 Dr. Otala and Dr. Lohstroh finished their work in analysing transistor amplifiers to determine what actully created the "transistor sound" in general transistorised designs. The results of their innovative design work were incorporated in the legendary 25 watt amplifier. This product was the first commercial transistor amplifier to use this new design approach, and the amplifier was immediately recognised as dramatically more musical sounding than any other transistor amplifier. The same design philosophy, has been constantly updated by additional research and development. After the 25 watt amplifier had established a new standard for transistor amplifiers, research was undertaken to find ways to make the amplifier even better, and to extend its highly musical sound quality to more powerful amplifier designs.
This philosophy forms the basis of the new Abrahamsen design.

Our Work Process.


In our research of what separates the great designers from good designers, we saw that the great designers spent a lot more time trying to understand the problem. They really dove in deep, focusing on all the aspects of how their design would be used.


Design is sometimes thought to be about form, style, and how things look, but it’s also very much about function, or what something does. With new technologies making it possible to develop new functions, this is now more true than ever.


A dedicated staff of incoming, intermediate and finished product quality inspectors and auditors ensures that Abrahamsen's products are manufactured to exact specifications. We have chosen to work with only a few suppliers that share our commitment to high quality.


Abrahamsen maintains an extensive set of internal controls to ensure that products are designed, manufactured and supported to the highest standards. This way we are in control of the entire production process ensuring the highest quality every step of the way.

We strongly believe that uncompromising quality is not an option - it's an obligation.


What our clients are saying.


A-dacII "Its performance is undeniable and quality / price ratio is unquestioned. I would not wonder if I’d compare this DAC with others in the 500 Euro area and small Norwegian DAC would face this challenge. Musicality and fatigue free sound is a great plus, so the music can be played for hours without any problem."

Jerry W.Jerry's Journal

Abrahamsen V2. UP is definitely an upgraded and far better version than the one which was chosen Best To Buy FIDELITY in 2008. In the price range under 10.000kr this amplifier Its "Best To Buy" and a bargain at the price!

JohnJ.A.D.E. Service South Africa

The SA-1 is one of the most open and controlled amplifiers I have ever listened to. The deep controlled bass is incredible.

Tarmo IkonenAudist Oy, Finland

My first impression regarding the sound quality of the new SA-1 is relaxed sound with beautiful high frequency response without any aggressive tone. Well detailed stereo image (= 3 dimensional sound stage). Good resolution from bottom to up.

Håkon RognlienFidelity 1/2006

Så Sinnssykt god er den, at selv en militant rørmann som undertegnede er villig til å konvertere. Av og til får jeg lyst til å hyle mot månen i pur glede!

MortenDesigner Torvet, Danmark

Normalt spiller jeg på en single ended triode forstærker med 805 rør på 2 x 40 watt, men dit effekttrin er langt mere dynamisk og musikalsk. Din forstærker har sjæl i særklasse. Imponerende.

Mike Hartung & Kåre VestrheimPropeller Music Division, Oslo, Norway

Propeller Music Division has been making records on Per´s amps for years. Upon testdriving his new SA-1, we were stunned to suddenly find out how much larger our speakers were sounding! The difference was day and night. The Abrahamsen SA-1 is a masterpiece.

Albums from Propeller Music Division include: Odd Nordstoga, Gluecifer, Jaga Jazzist, Gåte, JR Ewing, Marit Larsen, Klovner i Kamp, Skambankt, Erik Faber, Enslaved, Dadafon, Shining, Hanne Hukkelberg, Thulsa Doom, Superfamily.

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